How to download your SharePoint & Office 365 content

In this video, we will see how you can use ShareGate’s Download content option to easily export the content of your SharePoint or Office 365 environments.


Whether it is to archive content, export the content of a site before decommissioning it or for any other reasons, you can easily export content from your environments using ShareGate. To do so, simply select the sites, lists, or libraries from which you want to export the content in the Explorer and click on Download content.

In the Download options, you’ll be able to specify if you want to flatten the folder hierarchy of your lists and libraries and specify the number of versions to download. If you’re downloading the content of sites, you can specify if you want to do it for its subsites as well.

Clicking on Download Content will open the file explorer where you’ll be able to specify where you’d like the content downloaded.

For each site, list, or library included in your selection, ShareGate will create a folder in which you’ll find the content itself. But that’s not it! ShareGate will also create an Excel sheet for each list and library in which you’ll be able to find all the metadata. This way, no data is lost in the process.

As you can see, archiving content from SharePoint is made easier than ever with ShareGate.