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Our Azure series continues with a focus on Governance!

In this fresh-off-the-presses sequel to Modern Business Powered by Microsoft Azure, author Jussi Roine picks up where he left off, offering a comprehensive look at an important key to success in Microsoft Azure & the cloud: governance.

Available in ePub, mobi and PDF format

About the Azure series

Our goal with the Modern Business Powered by Microsoft Azure book series is to make essential public cloud concepts accessible to everyone without getting dragged down by technical details and complex jargon.

The book covers topics such as:

  • The importance of a solid governance plan
  • Governance as part of the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure
  • What to cover in your governance plan
  • Essential governance building blocks like tagging and naming conventions
  • Azure governance services such as Policy, Blueprints, and Lighthouse
  • Building, assigning, testing and deploying governance policies
  • And more!
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About Jussi Roine

Recognized as both a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and a Microsoft Regional Director, author Jussi Roine has shared his insights and expertise with countless audiences around the world. When he’s not traveling the globe to talk about tech, Jussi is at home in Helsinki, Finland, where he occasionally sees a bit of sunlight.

You can reach Jussi via 

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