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Save money and time with ShareGate Overcast, a flexible cloud cost management and optimization solution designed for the Microsoft cloud.

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Understand and track

Give real-life context to your Azure costs.

Map billing data to meaningful cost centers for simpler tracking, more precise showbacks, and easier cross-departmental collaboration.

CostHubs dashboard in ShareGate Overcast CostHubs dashboard in ShareGate OvercastForecasting in ShareGate Overcast ShareGate Overcast's flexible reporting options
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  • Forecasting icon Forecasting
  • Dashboards and reporting icon Dashboards & reporting
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Optimize and reduce

Uncover cost-saving opportunities

Get rightsizing recommendations to ensure your costs line up with your needs. Collaborate with project teams to keep spending in check.

Rightsizing recommendations on Azure resources in ShareGate Overcast Rightsizing recommendations on Azure resources in ShareGate OvercastCost variations in ShareGate Overcast View of top resource administrators in an Azure tenant via ShareGate Overcast
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  • Cost cariations icon Cost variations
  • Resource allocations icon Resource allocation
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ShareGate's signature simplicity

We built ShareGate Overcast to help businesses control
Azure costs through transparency, collaboration, and simplicity.

Data made meaningful

Overcast turns complex Azure billing data into meaningful insights on operational expenditures.

Instant ROI

Get results from the moment you connect our tool to your tenant thanks to personalized cost-saving recommendations.

Free for many

The full-featured app is totally free for businesses with <$50k in annual Azure costs.

Unlimited support.
Always free.

Understand and reduce your Azure costs.
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