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Gain control of your Azure costs

ShareGate Overcast helps you understand your Azure consumption and tame your cloud costs, quickly and easily.

Understand your cloud consumption

Simply put, you can’t control your cloud spend if you don’t know what (and who) is generating it. Getting your eye on how every resource is being used, and by whom, is the first step.

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See a breakdown of your Azure usage

Mystery solved. Get a detailed breakdown of your monthly Azure consumption with a clear picture of all your resources. See how much each resource is being used, how much it’s costing, and who its owner is. Filter by subscription, resource group, tag, type, or date to create a custom view.

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Find out who’s accountable for each resource

To understand how your resources are used, you also need to know who’s accountable for each one. Assigning resource administrators in ShareGate Overcast lets you control and keep track of resource ownership across your cloud.

Reduce cloud costs

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Take action on overspending

Turn your newfound knowledge into action with ShareGate Overcast’s practical cost-saving recommendations. We show you which resources you could scale down, shut down or convert into other resource types, to help stem the tide of spending.

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Build a better cloud-spend forecast

To know where you’re going, it helps to understand where you’ve been. ShareGate Overcast helps you predict your future cloud costs based on your past usage, so you can accurately estimate and budget them for the future. This cost forecast enables you to be more transparent with the business.

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ShareGate Overcast Quotes
We saved $55,000 after a single use. ShareGate Overcast is now my go-to tool to optimize my Azure environments.

- Stéphane Lapointe, Azure MVP

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