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ShareGate Overcast empowers cloud professionals to constantly optimize their Microsoft Azure costs according to real-time operational requirements.

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ShareGate products are trusted by over 25,000 IT professionals worldwide.

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Rightsizing recommendations in the ShareGate Overcast app

Make sure your spending matches your needs

We saved $55,000 after a single use. ShareGate Overcast is now my go-to tool to optimize my Azure environments.

Stephane Lapointe
Cloud architect and Microsoft Azure MVP

Seize every opportunity to scale and save

ShareGate Overcast’s powerful recommendation engine helps keep costs aligned with your actual workload demand by continuously monitoring your tenant for optimization opportunities.
See technical details

  • Abandoned disks
  • Empty services
  • Geolocalized storage
  • Idle databases
  • Idle services
  • Idle Azure Cosmos DB accounts
  • Intermittent activity
  • Old snapshots
  • Oversized services
  • Reserved instances
  • Specialized storage
  • Stopped virtual machines
  • Unconnected virtual network gateways
  • Unused IP addresses
View of top resource administrators in an Azure tenant via ShareGate Overcast


Collaborate with the right people.

Stay on top of who's accountable for which costs thanks to an at-a-glance view of the top resource administrators in your tenant. Always know where to turn when it's time to talk Azure expenses.

Cost variations in ShareGate Overcast


Detect, understand, and act on anomalies.

Instantly investigate unusual spikes in usage and costs as they show up on your dashboard. Get all the information you need to accurately assess the cause and determine the ideal course of action.

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