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I’m pretty excited to tell you about this next release. Thank you to the Sharegate team for managing to yet again deliver something awesome (I know, should we even be surprised?). Here is what you’ll find in 5.14:

  • Custom Features Detection in SharePoint Inventory
  • Export Sites and List with PowerShell

Custom Features Detection in SharePoint Inventory

Bringing Custom Features out in the Open

Microsoft offers a load of pre-made features with each version of SharePoint, but you can also create or enable custom features that suit your team’s needs.

So what’s the problem?

In a large multi-team organization, it’s difficult to have full visibility on every custom feature created – forget knowing whether or not they are even deployed!

Getting inventory on these features can require you to visit your site settings, scroll through the complete list of features activated, and somehow identify which are custom. Basically, finding custom features can feel like hide-and-seek. Then, coming to the end of a (sometimes lengthy!) migration only to find some of them missing for who-knows-what-reason can feel, well, frustrating to say the least.

We think life is easier when your custom features are out in the open, don’t you?

With this newest release, Sharegate now allows you to easily have visibility on these features using our SharePoint Inventory tool. With the new addition of custom features detection, the same management tool that you already know and love has been made even better.

No More Guessing When It Comes to Migrating Your Custom Features

Now, you’ll not only be alerted of their existence, you’ll also find even more information in the export option which will offer clear details on whether these custom features are activated, hidden, deployed, and if they will be supported for migration.

That means knowing if your custom features are supported for migration without having to actually run a migration. It is just another way we help keep things simple when it comes to managing your site or Office 365 tenant.

How to Use This Feature

Simply open Sharegate, and run SharePoint Inventory on your site or Office 365 tenant.

Once it is finished running, you will be able to see how many custom features you have, under the Errors section.

Number of SharePoint Custom Features

Click Export All Errors and Warnings to get a comprehensive look at what is going on.

Export All Errors and Warnings

Set a filter on Rule, and click Custom Features to see a complete list of your Custom Features, and details on whether or not they will be supported for a migration.

Custom SharePoint Features Export

With custom feature detection, potential migration issues can be flagged by you or your site administrator and easily addressed. No more hide-and-seek, no more frustration – just painless inventory management.

Export Sites and Lists with PowerShell

Use Microsoft’s Powerful Built in Script-Writing Tool to Do More

Sharegate already makes exporting your sites and lists simple with our SharePoint Migration tool.

Using its PowerShell component, you can now choose one of two new pre-built scripts to access your entire farm or individual sites to export your sites and lists to one or many destinations.

So rather than manually exporting, you can now schedule your exports – even run them in bulk – without having to be tethered to your computer.

You have enough to do, let the scripts do the work!

How to Use This Feature

Simply open PowerShell in our Sharegate Migration tool, and copy the site export or the list export script from in our PowerShell library. Use them, customize them, combine them. Have fun!

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