How to migrate Planner from one tenant to another

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What happens when you need to migrate your Teams? How do you manage the associated Planner migrations? Let’s dig deeper into Microsoft’s capabilities and limitations for a tenant-to-tenant Planner migration.

What’s great about Microsoft Planner is its deep integration into your Microsoft 365 environment. This means you can use it with other apps in the suite, such as Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint.

The combination of Planner and Teams particularly, has played a major role in building a strong company culture in remote-work systems.  But, this seamlessly integrated ecosystem can be tricky to navigate when you need to migrate data in the Microsoft environment.

So, what happens when you need to migrate your Teams? How do you manage the associated Planner migrations? To answer these questions, we need to dig deeper into the capabilities and limitations of Microsoft tools. Let’s go!

What is Microsoft Planner?

Microsoft Planner is a team-level task management and collaboration software that’s connected across Microsoft 365 apps. It gives organizational teams a visual way to effectively manage projects and their deadlines, organize and assign tasks, follow up on projects, and more.

All plans in Planner include a list of tasks assigned to a specific team member along with a fixed completion date and time. When you create a plan, a  Microsoft 365 group is also created so you can collaborate not only in Planner, but also in Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and more.

Microsoft Planner plans include:

  • Plans
  • Tasks
  • Buckets
  • Checklist items
  • Categories
  • Dates- Starting and due
  • Progress status
  • Task Assignees
  • Notes
  • Attachments
  • Comments

As you make Planner plans an active part of your organization’s work management, sooner or later, the need for migrating your plans may arise. Whether the migration is to another group, another Teams team, or a new Microsoft 365 tenant, you need to have the capabilities to move your plans around for an effective collaboration.

While some of these migrations are available as a part of Microsoft Planner, solutions like ShareGate can help where Microsoft 365 itself might be limited. More on that later.


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Migrating Microsoft Planner data

Before getting into the migration of Planner data, it’s a good idea to understand migration possibilities by knowing where the data is distributed across Microsoft 365. When you create a Planner plan, Microsoft stores all its metadata in its Azure-based storage service. The documents and attachments are a part of the SharePoint library, whereas the task comments of a plan are held in the plan’s associated mailbox.

If you’re migrating Planner data, Planner’s built-in capabilities allow you to copy your existing plan and move it to a new group or team in the same tenant. By default, this migration moves all your data except for task assignments and comments. There is no API to link comments to a new task, so the comments are impossible to migrate. You have the option to move the categories, checklists, notes, dates, and task priorities, and you can choose which elements you want to copy for each task. We explain how to do it below.

If you’re migrating Planner data to a new tenant, there’s no easy way to do it with Microsoft’s tools. You can either manually code and run a PowerShell script or choose a third-party migration tool to help you move your plans across tenants.

Check out our comparative analysis on Microsoft Planner to learn more: Migrate Microsoft Planner-Comparing Microsoft’s migration features to ShareGate.

To avoid recreating plans from scratch for similar work, you can use an existing plan as a base to start future projects. To achieve this, Planner provides an option to “Use an existing plan from this team” when creating a new plan. The problem with this approach is that every time users opt to use an existing plan, they’re all opening linked copies of the same plan in different tabs. As a result, the changes made in new plans will also be reflected in the original plan.

Instead, you can use Planner’s “Copy a plan” feature in Planner Hub to create independent copies of the same plan.

How To Migrate Planner From One Tenant To Another Copy Plan Dropdown

Set “Include” options and select the related group to place this plan.

How To Migrate Planner From One Tenant To Another Copy Plan
Source: Microsoft Community

When starting a new plan in your Teams UI, you can select “Copy of plan” to kickstart your new tasks without worrying about affecting the original plan. You can also independently delete a copied plan without wiping out the original plan.

How to copy Planner from one team in Microsoft Teams to another

If you want to migrate or copy Planner between groups or teams, you can use Microsoft’s out-of-the-box features.

Internal Planner migration: move to a new group or team in the original planner tenant

Planner’s built-in migration features are designed to copy a whole plan as-is to another existing group or team within the same tenant. Available to all Microsoft 365 subscribers for free, the features provide a quick solution for IT admins to bring their user’s plans over to a new group or team.

To migrate your existing Planner to a new group or team using available Planner features:

  1. Open the plan and select plan options ***
  2. Select “Copy plan
  3. Enter a title for the plan you’re migrating, then select the targeted group you want to copy your plan over and the fields you would like to migrate.
  4. Once you have chosen your migration fields, Select “Copy plan

How to copy a Planner plan from one channel to another

While migrating Planner, you may sometimes need to move plans between channels. Such a scenario arises when plans are required in another channel, or you have accidentally moved a plan to the wrong channel.

Take the following steps to copy a plan from one channel to another:

  1. Remove the plan from the source channel. This action doesn’t permanently delete the plan; it’ll simply remove the plan from that channel.
  2. Go to the destination channel and create a new Planner tab.
  3. While creating a new plan in the destination channel, choose “Use an existing plan“. Select the plan you want to copy. The Planner plan is successfully migrated to your desired channel.

How to share your Planner plan

The access to a Microsoft Planner plan is controlled by its associated Microsoft 365 group. This access control places certain restrictions on the sharing of a Planner plan.

With its close connection to SharePoint, you can share Planner plans only within the same team or group. Microsoft is not designed to allow sharing plans or SharePoint sites across multiple groups or teams. You can share web views of a plan, but only members of the same group can access that plan.

So, how do you share your Planner plan? The only solution is to add guest members to it so they can access the plan you want them to see. This way, you can share your plan with users outside your team or organization.

To add a guest member to your plan:

  1. Open Planner and select Members
  2. Planner will prompt you to add guest members using their email addresses.
  3. Enter the email address and select it as your guest
  4. You can review your guest user list from the Members list option in Members.

Can ShareGate migrate Microsoft Planner?

Microsoft Planner’s built-in capabilities are limited when it comes to cross-tenant migration. Instead of spending time and resources manually scripting custom solutions, ShareGate can migrate Planner to your chosen destination tenant easily.

Whether you’re migrating Teams or standalone Planner plans, ShareGate’s migration tool enables you to cover every possible migration use case so you can move precisely what you want, right where you need it.

With ShareGate, you can:

  • Migrate Planner plans as part of your Teams move: Move Planner data from tenant to tenant or within the same tenant
  • Move Planner plans not associated with a team: Move plans between groups and teams – no Teams team required!
  • Copy Planner template over to another tenant: Copy a Planner template over to another target tenant as needed
How To Migrate Planner From One Tenant To Another Planne Plans Copy Options

ShareGate’s copy options let you choose to move the specific Planner object types that you need:

  • Everything: buckets, tasks, task attachments, and comments
  • Everything except comments
  • Only buckets
  • None of the objects

And with the Planner plans summary report, you can keep managing your environment seamlessly.

Now that you’re up to speed, why not try ShareGate? We make Planner migrations as flexible as they should be!

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