2022 Round up: The top SharePoint and Teams management blogs for IT admins

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Making sure you’re getting the most out of Microsoft 365 in an efficient and secure way comes down to one thing: management. Effective management requires a governance plan with organization-wide guidelines and procedures. The following five blogs will walk you through how to create an effective governance plan and help identify the best management practices for your organization. 

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1. Create an effective SharePoint governance plan

SharePoint Online allows users to collaborate, edit, and share files in real-time, making it a powerful tool for virtual teams. To mitigate the security risks that come with virtual work it’s critical to establish SharePoint governance from day one, including roles and responsibilities, sharing protocols, and compliance management.  

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2. 6 Fundamentals for stellar SharePoint content management

To get the most out of your Microsoft investment and effectively manage your SharePoint content, understand these key features: document library, content manager, managed metadata service, metadata driven navigation, records management, and views in SharePoint. These basics will help you build a foundation for optimal management as your SharePoint grows. 

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3. Boost Microsoft Teams adoption: A smart planning guide

To protect your data from unauthorized people while ensuring Microsoft Teams is meeting your business needs, it’s important to start with scalable organization-wide guidelines including a naming policy, sharing settings, and an expiration policy. Along with policies and guidelines, driving adoption relies on employee buy-in, which can rest on your ability to answer important questions like – Why should we use Microsoft Teams? 

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4. IT governance best practices: What is shadow IT?

As users become more tech-savvy, many turn to shadow IT because they want to work more efficiently or because they know what other options are available. To combat shadow IT and minimize its security risks, enable your users to provision and manage their own tools in accordance with your cross-product governance strategy.  

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5. Managing SharePoint in Microsoft 365

SharePoint Online continues to evolve, as do the needs of your organization. Best practices like a governance committee, being proactive, building workstreams, using smart goals, and allowing for change will help you get the most out of modern SharePoint as it, and your organization, changes.  

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