10 facts every SharePoint user needs to know [Infographic]

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There are A LOT of misconceptions and prejudices toward SharePoint. Some of which stuck with Microsoft’s collaborative platform from its first released version. To clarify the situation, we’ve put together this infographic compiling 10 Facts anyone working with SharePoint or considering doing so should definitely know about.

Find the elaborate version of these Indispensable SharePoint Facts in the full article.

10 Facts Every SharePoint User Needs to Know

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1. Don’t underestimate SharePoint’s complexity

Getting SharePoint to work the way you need it to be isn’t going to be easy! It’s a powerful tool but as any beast, taming it can prove challenging. Planning ahead will be key to your success.

2. Don’t let “non-SharePoint” Developers play around with it

While having everyone contributing to something can seem beneficial, SharePoint is complex … very complex! You should make sure they know their stuff before having them playing around without supervision.

3. The fine tuning of SharePoint Search

Think of SharePoint Search as your father’s old Mustang: mighty powerful but constantly in need of work and optimization. If you give it the proper love, it will repay you well.

4. Know what OneDrive for Business really is

Names can be deceiving sometimes. OneDrive for Business isn’t a Pro version of OneDrive. So be sure everyone in your organization understands this!

5. Collaboration on Office documents has never been easier

The era of multiple document versions spread around is over. Either On-Premises or online, SharePoint allows for users to co-author documents in real time to be more productive.

6. Don’t rely on the Out-of-the-box mobile view

We’ve gotten accustomed with being able to browse and work from our various mobile devices and SharePoint offers a mobile view. But in order to work properly on these, you’ll have to create a custom Master Page and some CSS to go with it.

7. Content Types and Site Columns are mandatory

Unclear on what these are? Well sport, here’s where you should start! Understanding the concept of these will save you from a lot of hassle down the line.

8. Know what you’re trying to accomplish with SharePoint

There’s a good chance SharePoint will be able to answer your needs. But did you take the time to clearly define them? Knowing what problem you’re looking to fix will help tailor the proper SharePoint solution for it.

9. No one likes filling endless forms

Well filled metadata will improve SharePoint’s Search abilities by a great deal, that’s a fact. But not everyone will become a metadata addict over night. Think of a good strategy to boost metadata adoption.

10. You’ll love SharePoint, whether you like it or not

Every relationship takes work but is worth it in the end, right? So instead of cursing in front of your screen, get a swearjar and come to terms with the fact: SharePoint is awesome.

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