How to clean the version history of your documents

Video Transcript:

In this video, we’ll take a look at how you can use ShareGate to clean up the version history of your lists and libraries. Whether you want to clear space to save costs or to increase server performance, ShareGate can help you with this task by cleaning the version history of your documents in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and throughout SharePoint.

⚡️Pro Tips & Tricks: Clean version history walkthrough

View all documents

To do so, we’ll use ShareGate’s report engine to create a custom report that will display all the documents from which we want to delete the version history.

Clean up Version History easily

Let’s say you want to clean the version history of all the documents within a site collection. Create a new report that will search for all the documents without any exception, and run it over the site collection. Once you get the results, select all the documents and click Clean Version History. This way you can either delete all versions of your documents, which means all versions except the last major version and its last draft will be removed. Or, remove all minor versions, keeping all major and current versions of the documents.

Tidy versions from specific files

In some cases, you may want to clean out the versions from specific files only. To do this, create a report that will specify filters, such as documents with more than 4 versions, and follow the same steps we just covered.

With ShareGate, you can reduce your operating costs by keeping only the document versions you need.