How to mass edit your SharePoint settings

In this video, we’ll see how you can use ShareGate to mass edit your SharePoint environment settings.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to edit countless numbers of lists in order for them to comply with your governance plan? Quite the tedious task! With the click of a button, ShareGate’s here to help.


Let’s say you just realized that most of the lists in a Site Collection don’t have the versioning enabled but should. Well, you can easily use ShareGate to solve the issue. Simply head over to the Explorer, select the lists to modify and use the toggle button to turn it on.

Although, doing it this way means I’d have to select them individually. Instead, we’re going to use the “Lists with no versioning” report and run it on our Site Collection. Once you get your results, simply select all the lists and libraries in which you want to enable versioning, and turn it on. Much faster!

Another common scenario, is to activate site features in multiple sites all at once. For example, let’s create a custom report that will search for sites where Nintex Workflows is deactivated. Once you get the results, you can simply select all the sites to manage and click edit. Here you can activate or deactivate the Site Features or even change multiple settings at the same time. Once you’re satisfied with your changes, simply click on Apply.

Note that you can use this process to modify almost any settings in your SharePoint and Office 365 environments.

As you can see, your productivity just skyrocketed using ShareGate!