Ensure external users have access to the right things in Teams

With ShareGate Apricot's easy-to-use governance platform for Microsoft Teams, you’re sure your data stays secure. Get full visibility into who's shared what with whom, and automate external sharing reviews so they're performed on an ongoing basis.

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See external links shared

See what’s been shared externally

Schedule link reviews

Schedule automatic link reviews

Track reviews progress

Track each review’s progress

Perform internal audits

Easily perform internal audits

Security for Microsoft Teams

Easy-to-use governance tools to keep Teams content secure


Finally get a handle on external sharing—zero effort required on your end

Get a handle on external sharing

Quickly see who's shared what externally, with whom, and when for every single team.

  • Always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips about every file shared externally—no coding or scripting required.
  • Save time by letting us do the heavy lifting for you—no need to pull manual reports anymore.
  • Revoke access to sensitive files in one click, without having to join every team.


Schedule external sharing reviews for ongoing peace of mind

External sharing reviews

Automate the process of reviewing every single link that's ever been shared externally by each team.

  • Schedule periodic reviews to ensure compliance and the security of your data on an ongoing basis.
  • Set it and forget it. Choose a timeframe for how frequently you want link reviews to take place (for example every 180 days) and set a start date.


Get the confirmation you need from the people who know best

Should those files be shared by the Yellowstone Department team? Who still has access to last quarter’s budget spreadsheet? For the hard-to know questions, entrust team owners to validate all links shared externally.

External sharing collaborative governance
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Engage team owners in reviews

Entrusted owners will receive a notification to review external links. Our simple, centralized interface lets them quickly delete any if they need to.

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Entrust all owners to reduce security risks

Manually entrust owners as new teams are created, or automatically entrust all of them so you never miss a spot. That way, you're sure your data stays secure.


Track each review's progress

External sharing reviews progress

Keep an eye on the status of all your external sharing reviews, and follow up with team owners if needed.

  • See what percentage of teams have completed their review so far, as well as the number of teams that still have files to review.
  • Identify owners who haven't completed their review so you can ensure everyone stays on top of security.


Make internal audits a breeze

Internal audit external sharing

ShareGate Apricot automatically logs every action taken by IT admins—and every action taken by team owners during a review—so you can see who reviewed what, when, and which links were deleted.

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The ShareGate difference 

From setting policies and automating external sharing reviews, to revoking access to sensitive files when you need to—we make Microsoft Teams governance easy. 

Signature simplicity

Signature simplicity

At ShareGate, we design software with simplicity in mind—so you can get going in minutes, not weeks. No need for PowerShell, coding, or Azure AD Premium. 

Collaborative governance

Collaborative governance 

Get the confirmation you need from the people who know best—the owners of each team. We’ve made it easy to collaborate with your users to stay on top of security.

Automated reviews

Automated reviews 

Automate the tedious process of validating every external link. Perform reviews more regularly, stay compliant, and keep your data secure.

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ShareGate products are trusted by over 25,000 IT professionals worldwide.

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