Manage guests and externally shared links

In this video, we’ll look at how you can collaborate with owners to manage guests and externally shared links within their teams and groups. With ShareGate, you can make sure that sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. 

In this video, we’ll look at how you can collaborate with owners to manage guests and externally shared links within their teams and groups. With ShareGate, you can make sure that sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.  

One thing we know is hard for you to get your hands on, is the list of externally shared links by each team or group.  So we’ve made it easy for you to get visibility on this with our app. From the Manage tab, you can filter to see teams and groups with external shares to review. 

Select a team to access its details page, where you can see all external shares neatly listed. It includes the link to every shared file, when it was shared, by and to whom. 

From there you can easily delete links to files you know should no longer be shared. That way, you lower the risk of people accessing confidential information they should no longer have access to. 

You can also review guests in the team, easily adding and removing them as you see fit so that only the people who should have access to the team remain. 

But we know it’s not always easy for you to know what should still be shared and who should still have access to what. You’re not in those teams and groups! 

That’s why ShareGate lets you delegate the review of guests and externally shared links to its team or group owners. That’s what we call entrusting a team or group to its owners. 

First, enable External sharing review and set a start date for the reviews and choose how frequently you want them to occur. Then, select the teams or groups you want to entrust to owners for the reviews, and click on Entrust. Once entrusted, you’ll see a new icon next to the team or group’s name and it’ll also be shown on its details page. When it’s time for an external sharing review, owners will receive an email asking them to review their guests and externally shared links. 

It’s a simple process that can be done in a few clicks.  

First, owners review the list of guests that are part of their team. They can easily remove the ones that should no longer be there, automatically kicking out those guests from the team.  Then, they are prompted to validate their externally shared links, easily removing those that should no longer be shared, in a click. Note that you can also customize the frequency of your reviews according to each team’s sensitivity level. 

You can also easily follow the progress and results of external sharing reviews from the Dashboard. 

That way, you can check which owners haven’t yet completed their reviews, and follow up with them, if needed. 

With ShareGate, you can rest assured that the right decisions are taken by the right people on a regular basis, to keep your sensitive data safe.