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Automatically export reports to SharePoint with ShareGate Desktop 12.0

Our latest release lets you automatically export your ShareGate Desktop reports to a SharePoint library—so you can easily share real-time results with stakeholders who don't have access to the software.

When you need to export a report as a one-off, it’s not that bad. But if you need to do this on a periodic basis—say every week—it starts to add up. 

That’s why most of us turn to automating this if we can—and why I'm not surprised that automatically exporting the results of a report is our #1 requested feature for ShareGate Desktop.  

The team was very excited to tackle this top requested feature, and are proud to release it today. Here’s what you’ll find the next time you update ShareGate Desktop: 

Export your reports to SharePoint automatically

Schedule it and forget it. ShareGate Desktop reports, like the Permission Matrix Report (PMR), can now be automatically exported to a SharePoint library. Save time by eliminating manual tasks, and easily share the latest results with stakeholders who don’t have access to the software.  

Set a destination library to export to.
  • Save time. No need to manually export reports anymore. 
  • Share information with the rest of the business faster. Be an enabler, not the bottleneck. Get the info people want faster, with less effort on your part.
  • Share fresher reports more frequently. Someone wants that report every day? No problem. 

What you can do with the automatic export of reports:

Settings of export report.
  • Schedule or manually run reports (like you’ve been able to do in the past) 
  • Select a SharePoint library to automatically export your report to
  • Customize the name of the exported report so that it makes sense for business users
  • Choose your file format (CSV or Excel) 
  • Decide whether you want to overwrite the last version of the report you’ve exported, or have it added to your library as a new report  
  • Every report in ShareGate Desktop can be automatically exported (except for the Source Analysis report and the Promote results report) 

Push it further with Microsoft Flow and Power BI!

Want to make things even easier? Power BI and Microsoft Flow can easily complement ShareGate Desktop's built-in reports for even better visibility.

Try configuring Microsoft Flow to automatically send an email notification to the right person when the report is ready. Or send the migration report to Power BI and track the progress of your migration project by visualizing your data.

Read our our step-by-step instructions to use Power BI and Microsoft Flow for additional SharePoint reporting.

Script or schedule your next SharePoint subsite promotion

In our previous release, we introduced an easy way for you to adopt modern SharePoint’s site structure faster. That's because in order to get to hub sites with group-connected Team Sites, we need to change our architecture from top-down (with subsites) to flat (top-level site collections only). And we've got you covered. 

Today, we made it even easier by helping you script subsite promotions using PowerShell, or scheduling them to run some other time. 

Simplify further in the Restructure tab.

Performance improvements for migrations

Migration speeds are always top of mind for us—we know that many of you have tight deadlines and need to move to Office 365 as fast as possible. After numerous back-and-forths to find new ways to help you go fast, we’re happy to add some noticeable improvements in this release. 

Though the team has done a lot of work behind the scenes using new APIs and optimize what we already had, the bulk of the work is evident in a new extension for Office 365. 

Extend ShareGate Desktop with an Office 365 app

To help reduce throttling and increase the speeds at which the migration can run with our tool, we recommend you add our Office 365 app the next time you update ShareGate Desktop.  

Pop up for app install.

How the app helps you:

  • Microsoft can identify that our API calls come from ShareGate Desktop 
  • Ability to leverage new faster APIs 
  • View and manage your Office 365 Groups 

Making the move to modern doesn't
have to be complex.

At ShareGate, we want to help you evolve as fast as the technology the cloud provides.

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