New diagnostic mode and enhanced inventory details

Enhanced Inventory Details and Diagnostic Mode

With this latest release from our Sharegate team comes another list of great new features that I’m pretty excited to share with you. Here is what you’ll find in Sharegate 5.15:

  • Inventory details for SharePoint and Office 365
  • Diagnostic Mode

Inventory Details for SharePoint and Office 365

We’ve made some changes to the Inventory feature and renamed it Source analysis. See how to use it here.

This month, the team has managed to not only enhance the detailed list in the Inventory feature, but also make it accessible in SharePoint and Office 365.

A lot of you will already be familiar with File Share Inventory details list. If so, you know that it’s a pretty great tool that allows you to view the complete details of your file share inventory, giving you access to essential information you’ll need to successfully run your Office 365 or SharePoint migration.

With Inventory details available on SharePoint and Office 365, as well as File Share, you’ll have access to a detailed list of errors and warnings to estimate the effort of a migration, and fix the most common issues before they even occur.

Error and Warning Messages

The feature list for Inventory details already lets us know when there is an error or warning with our inventory, but we wanted to take it a step further.

The Error and Warning Message column will now display a message that will indicate exactly what is going on in the specified path.

SharePoint Inventory Details in Sharegate

I know what you’re thinking: Seeing an error and warning message is great, but knowing how to resolve it is better.

Now, you can click on the error message for more details, so that you know exactly what to do to correct it. We’re pretty excited about this!

With this information, assessing the effort it will take to run a migration is even simpler.

View your Workflow Details

Another great addition to the Inventory feature is workflow details.

You can now see whether your workflow is made using Nintex, SharePoint 2010, or SharePoint 2013. Not only that, but you’ll also see if it is a site, reusable, or list workflow!

SharePoint Inventory Details of Workflows in Sharegate

If you use workflows in your site, I don’t need to tell you how refreshing it is to have full visibility on them when planning a migration.

Export your Inventory Details

You can now export Inventory details to Excel or CSV format.

If you’re like me, you’ll love using this feature to save your data, apply multiple filters, compare with other Inventory detail results, and so on.

Simply click Export in the top right corner, select the type of file, and click Save.

As always, Sharegate Inventory is available with the Sharegate license, even while using the Trial. Download it now and start assessing your SharePoint, Office 365, or File Share migration.

Diagnostic Mode

We’ve all had that moment – despite the best planning, something goes wrong during a migration.

When this happens, I’m sure we’ve all wished we could just teleport someone from Support next to us so that we can show them the error instead of having to describe it by phone or email.

Since the team couldn’t invent a teleportation device in time for this release, they developed Diagnostic mode – the next best thing!

Using this tool, you just need to reproduce your error and send a diagnostic report to Support. This gives them the capability to see exactly when, where, and why something is going wrong.

Our team will then look at the data and contact you with concrete information on how to fix the issue.

Running Diagnostic Mode

To run Diagnostic Mode, simply open Sharegate Migration, go into your Options, select Diagnostic, and click Start Diagnostic Mode.

Once that is done, you will see an extra tab at the top of the screen called Diagnostic. You can click on this tab to Stop Diagnostic Mode or send the Diagnostic report.

Now that you understand how it works, all you need to do is reproduce your error, and click Send Report. It really is that simple!

This gives Support the tools to help you resolve your issues even faster, so you can get back to business.

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