2022 Round up: Your favourite reporting and admin articles for Microsoft 365

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Reporting is a crucial part of maintaining an organized and secure environment. It can help you identify security risks before they become serious threats, and identify inactive and orphaned groups to clean up your content. Below are the five most informative blogs of 2022 to help you optimize your SharePoint reporting.

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1. How to audit SharePoint: Understanding SharePoint audit logs 101

When SharePoint’s cloud repository goes unaudited, it can pose serious risk for your organization. SharePoint Online enables you to audit a variety of activities, reducing your risk of a security breach. Using ShareGate’s SharePoint reporting and permissions management you can automate auditing to identify and address potential security risks before they arise. 

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2. PowerShell reporting for Microsoft 365 and Teams

With a variety of capabilities, PowerShell reporting can help identify disorganized team patterns to ensure employee productivity.  

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3. Build a SharePoint permissions report without using PowerShell

SharePoint and Microsoft 365 enable unparalleled collaboration and productivity, but bringing all your employees into the same environment comes with security risks. With ShareGate, you gain full visibility over your permissions without the need of PowerShell, using ShareGate’s SharePoint permissions matrix report.   

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4. Microsoft Teams analytics 101: How to take reporting to the next level

Microsoft Teams provides you with all the analytics you need to ensure your Teams environment is optimally managed. ShareGate walks you through the available Microsoft Analytics Reports so you can manage reporting manually, and provides a solution to centralize your Microsoft activity data to elevate your Teams reporting and analytics.  

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5. 5 SharePoint reports to schedule on a daily, weekly, or quarterly basis

Maintaining a secure and organized environment requires regular SharePoint reporting, but not all reports are created equal. Some reports should be scheduled on a weekly basis, since they change quickly, while others can be scheduled on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. This will help identify minor issues before they become serious, without unnecessarily overburdening yourself.  

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