Reorganize your SharePoint sites hierarchy

In this video, we will see how you can use ShareGate to reorganize the hierarchy of your SharePoint sites.

Whether you are moving from a SharePoint environment to another, or simply cleaning up your current one; promoting, demoting or merging sites might be something you’ll need to do. That’s something ShareGate can help you with.


To do so, we will be using ShareGate’s Copy Structure and connecting our SharePoint environment. In a scenario like this one, it is always preferable to have Global administrator or SharePoint administrator rights.

To promote a subsite into a site collection, select the subsite from the source side of the screen. On the destination side, make sure ShareGate is displaying the site collection level, then click on Advanced copy. From this screen, you can select the title of the new site collection you’ll be creating with your subsite and its URL. Once you’ve selected your copy options, click on Start Copy.

You can also promote a subsite from lower levels to any other level. To do this, select the subsite to promote, then click on Advanced Copy. There you can copy it as a subsite of the site of your choice.

If you wish to demote a site, follow the same steps shown for promoting a site. Simply select the site you want to demote and copy it to its new location.

To merge a site with another, select the site you want to merge, then navigate into the site to be merged with. Then click on Advanced Copy and select the “Merge with” option. Start your copy.

It’s important to note that promoting, demoting and merging a site is simply a copy, therefore the original site stays in its initial location. Once you’ve finished reorganizing your structure, don’t forget to delete the original sites.

As you can see, promoting, demoting or merging sites has never been so easy with ShareGate.