migration and new reporting features for ShareGate

Box Migration and New Reporting Features for Sharegate

Here are the newest features the Sharegate team has released in version 5.20:

  • Migrate from using PowerShell commands.
  • Never Checked In Document Report for easily locating and checking in documents.
  • Download SharePoint Content so you can access and backup metadata simply.

Migrate from Using PowerShell

There are so many possibilities when using PowerShell with Sharegate: automation, multiple file mappings, copying to more than one destination – just to name a few; and we’re here to present another one.

You can now use Sharegate PowerShell commands to migrate from one of the biggest cloud content management platforms out there, Box! Logo

The simple to use scripts will make running the migration a breeze, plus you can use all the other neat features PowerShell offers to compliment it (like automation, of course).

Box Migration with PowerShell

Check out the Walkthrough, Import , and Connect commands, and try it out for yourself.

Never Checked In Document Report

The ability to check out documents is incredibly important in organizations where multiple people are often working on the same documents. Think about it, this feature basically ensures that no two people in a company can overwrite each other’s work. Plus, in the majority of cases this goes hand-in-hand with versioning, guaranteeing that any mistakes accidentally saved can be easily undone.

But the thing is, checking-out documents is only useful insofar as you remember to check them back in at least once. Neglecting this one step, though small, means there is no history on the document, leading to disastrous consequences when you need to run a migration.

This is because in many companies, there are not just one or two checked-out documents that have never been checked in, some sites can have hundreds, and there is no viable way to know. These documents just get left behind in a migration, never to have their words, slides, or graphs read again.

Well now, using Sharegate’s Never Checked In Document Report, you can not only see a complete list of all documents that have never been checked in, you can actually check them all in at once.

Just go into Reporting and create a new report.

Sharegate Reporting "Create New Report"

From there select Document as your Object Type, and Never Checked In Is Yes as your Filter.

Creating a new report in Sharegate

Once you select your target and run the report, you can select all your documents, click Edit, and select Check In as your transformation (you can choose between major or minor version).

Editing fields in a new report in Sharegate
Never checked in documents report

Download the report here.

Download SharePoint Content

Downloading content should never be so complicated that you put it off or just don’t bother to do it at all. Having your content backed up is essential. Think of it as insurance, if you ever need to make changes to your site, run a migration, or delete it, you’ll know the information is safely archived.

We have made it simpler than ever to access the content for your SharePoint sites with the Download Content option in Quick Actions.

Download SharePoint Content Buttons in Sharegate

This lets you export your content anywhere you like – from your file share, to the cloud, to a flash drive, and so on.

Download Content Options in Sharegate

If you only need the metadata and not the content, you can filter the columns on the results screen and export the table to Excel.

Manage columns in Sharegate
Export and filter buttons in Sharegate

Click here for the complete guide.

For the complete list of features and bug fixes in 5.20, check out the Release Notes.

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