Ensure every Office 365 Group has an owner

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In this release, we’ve added a feature to help you keep tabs on Office 365 Group owners; more specifically, we’ve made it easy to ensure each group has one.

Successfully adopting Microsoft’s modern workplace requires a bit of balance.

Providing users with more freedom around the way they do work helps boost user adoption; but as an IT admin, you want oversight across the entire lifecycle of each Microsoft Team or Office 365 Group.

ShareGate Apricot is pleased to introduce: Orphaned Groups

With ShareGate Apricot, we want to help you implement new Microsoft concepts—like Teams, Groups, and modern SharePoint team sites—while maintaining a healthy Office 365 environment. And group owners play a key role in the success of that mission.

The release of Orphaned Groups ensures that each group in your tenant has someone with the right set of permissions to moderate it. That way, group owners can work with you to keep your Office 365 environment healthy, compliant, and secure—collaboratively.

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View a list of ownerless groups within your organization

ShareGate Apricot lets you know automatically when one of your Office 365 Groups no longer has any valid owners. In other words, it lets you know the moment a group becomes an orphaned group.

ShareGate Apricot's Assistant shows you a list of ownerless groups
The Assistant generates a list of ownerless groups.

From the Groups page, you can see a list of all your Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups—each one with a status showing whether or not it has a valid owner.

See all your groups in one place, along with the owner status of each
See which groups have valid owners.

Get smart suggestions for potential new owners

Instead of blindly choosing which member to promote, make an informed decision based on a group’s recent membership and activity.

See who the last owner was

Get a bit of context. We show you who the last group owner was, helping you understand how the group ended up orphaned, and making it easier to choose which member to promote next.

See who the last valid owner was
See the last valid owner.

View a list of suggested members based on recent activity

See which users have been most active in any of a group’s associated products.

We’ll recommend a list of members to promote to owner based on their recent activity, making it easier for you to make a knowledgable decision.

See a list of recommended members to promote
View a list of smart recommendations.

Manually edit the membership status of any individual

With just a click of the mouse, promote a user from group member to group owner. Or do the opposite, and demote an existing group owner.

That way, you always have control over every Office 365 Group in your organization.

Promote a user to owner
Promote a member to owner…
Demote an owner to a user
…or demote an owner to member.

See changes to group membership over time

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Keep Teams organized across the entire lifecycle.

Apricot Lifecycle illustration

In your tenant Activity tab, you can view membership changes over time. Keep track of who was recently added to a group and when, as well as changes to membership status—be it owner, member, or guest.

That way, you can maintain better visibility across the entire lifecycle of the group—from provisioning, all the way through to archival.

See changes to group membership in Activity tab
The Activity tab shows group membership changes.

Automating governance for Office 365 Groups and Teams

We’ve spent a lot of time crafting the best possible experience to guide you through this new Office 365 cloud world and all of its accompanying challenges.

Now, you can see group activity across your tenant—and automatically discover what needs your attention—all in one place, helping you set policies and take action in just a few clicks.

Before the end of the year, our team is working hard to bring you:

  • Custom storage for archiving inactive Office 365 Groups
  • An easy way to keep track of content that’s been shared externally

Some other top-of-mind things further on the horizon:

  • Helping you set and maintain an Office 365 Groups owner minimum
  • Finding a solution to the question of “Provisioning” without an approval flow
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