Preserve document ID during SharePoint migration

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In our continued efforts to provide you with everything you need for SharePoint migration and management in one simple tool, we recently released most requested feature along with some other improvements.

Recently Added Features for SharePoint Migration:

  • Migrate Content while preserving their Document IDs
  • Export/Import Mapping Templates
  • Added PowerShell commands for Mappings

Preserve SharePoint Document ID MetadataDuring Migration

The SharePoint Document ID is enabled through a Site Collection feature and, once activated, assigns a unique ID to your documents when uploaded. This makes it easier to find and identify a document regardless of its location or change in file name.

Sharegate Release 4.6 Migrate SharePoint Document ID

Sharegate Release 4.6 Migrate SharePoint Document ID

Whether you’re using Copy Site Objects or Copy Content tools you’ll be able to keep the integrity of your documents intact by bringing along its Document ID. However, for the migration to be successful, you need to activate the Site Collection Feature beforehand. See our exhaustive documentation for more details.

Export and Import your Mapping Configuration

One of our most recognizable features is our mapping interface. Sharegate allows you to easily map an old property or configuration to a new one during the migration. For future SharePoint migrations, you might want to save and re-use a certain mapping. Take the Site Template Mapping; if you know you will always be turning Blank Sites to Team Sites, you won’t have to go over it each time. Of course, its real power will be when used with more complex property mappings you might want to save. Taking 4 choice columns and merging them into 1 Managed Metadata column for example.

Sharegate Release 4.6 Migrate SharePoint Document ID

Now you can easily save and export your mappings to bring them along for another migration.

Added PowerShell Support for Mappings

A while back, we also added PowerShell support for Sharegate. This takes Sharegate to a whole new level, allowing you to script migrations, as well as schedule them. Using PowerShell, you can leverage Sharegate to bring content from Test (QA), to Production, or even from Production back to a Test environment.

As always, we remain open to suggestions from our users. You know what you need, and we want to give it to you.

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