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Stop wasting money in Azure: Build an efficient Azure cost management strategy for your business

With Stephane Lapointe, Azure MVP

What’s in this Azure webinar?

Want to know how much you’re spending in Azure? What Azure features you could optimize? But mostly, how to rightsize and optimize your cloud costs? One of the main issues facing IT directors is unchecked cloud spending. ShareGate can help. Learn how to gain the visibility and insights you need to take control of your cloud environment, and implement a team-wide Azure cost management strategy. 

In this webinar, Azure MVP and cloud solutions architect Stephane Lapointe will cover:

  • Why cloud cost management is so important—and so difficult. According to our data, approximately 30% of money spent in Azure is on resources and services that could be optimized. We’ll explain why so many people are wasting so much of their money in the cloud.
  • Actionable steps to creating an effective Azure cost management strategy. At ShareGate, we’ve been through this before ourselves and with clients. We can take you through the steps that we know will help you gain visibility over your Azure spending so that you know what to optimize.
  • Automated solutions that can help with ongoing Azure management. Manually monitoring spending, identifying changes, and analyzing your Azure costs is time consuming and probably not why you and your team got into cloud engineering. We’ll discuss some tools that allow you to spend your time where it counts—leading a team in building better products and services.

About the speaker

Stephane Lapointe, Azure MVP and cloud solutions architect at ShareGate

Stephane Lapointe, Azure MVP and cloud solutions architect at ShareGate

Stephane Lapointe has over 25 years of experience with Microsoft technologies. At ShareGate, he helps develop our cloud practices.

You can see more from Stephane on his blog and on Twitter.

About ShareGate

ShareGate has been helping IT professionals succeed with Microsoft for over a decade. Our product line is designed to help you migrate to Microsoft 365 and build efficient Azure infrastructures for your environments. We hope this webinar gives you the solutions your team needs to build a better cloud cost control strategy. But if you’re looking for a solutions-based tool to make managing Azure even easier, check out how ShareGate Overcast can give you better visibility and control in Azure.

[ShareGate Overcast] gave us an instant visualization of all our Azure consumption and costs and showed us where to look for opportunities to optimize

Nick Fletcher, Head of Global IT, Tobii

—Nick Fletcher, Head of Global IT, Tobii

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