Migrate SharePoint Users, Groups and Permission Levels

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Reorganizing or migrating your SharePoint Site security can be quite a painful task. As you work with SharePoint, you might realize that your previous architecture doesn’t meet the requirements you have.

SharePoint has some architectural limitations, at least in the versions prior to SharePoint 2013. For example, you might realize that you needed certain sites to be within the same Site Collection or the opposite.

In this scenario, I needed to migrate my SharePoint Users, Groups and Permission Levels that I had created before. SharePoint doesn’t allow me to do that easily, so I will use Sharegate for this.

Using Sharegate to migrate SharePoint Users, Groups and Permission Levels


Did you expect it to be so easy? This really is a game changer!

Don’t lose your permission levels during your SharePoint migration

The same thing with permission levels. Over here I can see that I don’t have the same permission levels at the destination, so perhaps I’d like to bring over the manage higher key permission level. Now this could be your custom permission levels, ones that you’ve created. In this example I’m going to use SharePoint’s manager higher key and just bring it over here and click on copy.

That’s it. I just connected to the source, chose my users groups and permission levels, just dragged and dropped them over their destination, and that was it.

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