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With this release, you get more flexibility with your Planner migrations – even when they aren’t associated with a Team. Whether you’re migrating tenant-to-tenant or within the same tenant, you can easily pick and choose the Planner object types you want to bring or leave behind.

Microsoft Planner is a great Microsoft 365 collaboration tool. It allows users to organize teamwork, centralize all their tasks on Kanban boards, and visualize task progress. Fully integrated with Teams, it’s no surprise that more companies are starting to adopt Planner daily. This makes the ability to move and organize Planner plans to support the ways in which users use them even more important.

Whether you need to follow up on a user request to move a personal Planner plan into a team or move Planner plans to another tenant following a company reorganization, we want to provide you with a simple and no BS solution that fits your needs. That means giving you the flexibility to move exactly what you want, where your users need it—whether it’s within the same tenant or not, and with all Planner object types, or not.

Introducing standalone Planner migrations with ShareGate

Moving Planner plans around isn’t as easy as you might think. Microsoft’s out-of-the-box solution only allows you to move a whole Planner plan as-is, within the same tenant. This means zero flexibility to move plans from one group or team to another, whether in the same tenant or not. And don’t even think about moving only the object types that you need, whether that’s buckets, lists or comments.

Unless you want to spend time and energy figuring out and customizing PowerShell scripts, leave it to ShareGate to work its magic and sort everything out for your users to continue planning and collaborating.

With this release, you’ll be able to move Planner plans to the group or team that you need in just a few clicks. You can also pick and choose the object types you want to move over and manage membership at the destination pre-migration to ensure that the right people have access to the right things. 

Migrate Planner plans from one tenant to another or within the same tenant

With the ShareGate migration tool, you can easily copy Planner plans from a team or a group to an existing one, whether within the same tenant or not. Once you’ve selected your source, you’ll see all your teams and groups and their respective Planner plans for you to choose from. Select the specific Planner plans you want to move over, and you’ll also be able to see how many buckets, tasks, files, and comments each plan has.

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Once you’ve picked the Planner plans to move over, you need to choose a destination for each plan. Notice that you can’t create a new team or group at the destination, which means you can only choose to copy plans into an existing team or group.

If there is already a plan with the same name at the chosen destination, it’ll be flagged for your attention, and you’ll be able to make use of our option to rename plans pre-migration. That way, you avoid confusing users with plans that have the same name within the same team or group.

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Move the specific Planner object types you need

When copying over a Planner plan, you can choose to copy everything that includes buckets, tasks, attachments, and comments. However, rather than copying over everything over as is, you also have the flexibility to move the specific Planner object types that you need. This added granularity allows you to choose whether you want to copy:

  • Everything except comments
  • Buckets only 
  • None of the items 

For example, let’s say you have a manager who prefers to create their own instance of Planner first, where they list out and organize their team’s tasks and regroup them into buckets. Once it’s ready, they want to copy it over to the team’s Teams for everyone to use. ShareGate will allow you to do just that, with no data loss and no data caps!

Adjust the membership of the team at the destination

Finally, before you schedule or start your migration, you can customize the way you want to treat team membership at the destination. That applies to whether you’re copying a Planner plan into a public or private team/group.

You have the option to either always or never add plan members to the team or group the plan is being copied into. That way, you avoid automatically giving people access to sensitive information they shouldn’t have. We leave it up to you to decide how you want to handle it! Note that the option you choose will be applied to current and future copies, meaning previously scheduled copies won’t be affected.

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With this latest release, we’re confident that we can fully support your Planner migration plans, whether they’re part of a team or group. Note that whether you’re a long time ShareGate user or looking to start your first Planner migration with us, you’ll need to consent to a new set of permissions for Microsoft 365 resources for more secure and stable Planner and Teams migrations.

For more information on how to get started with your standalone Planner migration, check out our documentation.

Up next on the migration roadmap

We’re venturing into the cloud for what’s up next on the migration roadmap: Quick and easy cloud migration for Teams. It’ll help simplify some of your migration tasks and ongoing projects without having to worry about issues that might arise due to your hardware. Get ready for a diversified migration experience!

If there’s anything else that relates to our migration capabilities you can’t wait for us to add to our roadmap, let us know on our user feedback forum.


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