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Are you tired of just looking at all that clutter? Check out our Monthly Governance Digest, your next favorite tool to make your Microsoft 365 tenant nice and tidy, as it should be.

Ever had that sinking feeling when you return from vacation and discover your fridge has switched off, leaving everything green and fluffy? Coming back from a summer break to a disarrayed tenant, where users have been creating teams and content unchecked, can be just as frustrating.

Enter ShareGate, your sidekick savior, giving you the visibility to tackle the mess (no offense, end users). In this quick-read guide, I’ll walk you through the problems caused by sprawl and clutter and the ShareGate way to deal with them, such as our essential Monthly Governance Digest. 

So, roll up your sleeves, put on your marigolds, and dive into the cleanup!

The main risks of an ungoverned tenant during summer (and all year long) 

Much like cleaning out your fridge before restocking and neatly arranging your milk and eggs, it’s essential to first identify the problem areas in your tenant for effective governance. 

  • Sprawl and clutter: In an ungoverned tenant, users can create teams and content without restrictions, leading to a chaotic and disorganized digital workspace that hinders productivity and findability. 
  • Data leaks: Without proper control over external sharing and permissions, sensitive information may be exposed, risking confidentiality and compliance. 
  • IT overload: Without governance, your IT team may constantly firefight problems, diverting their focus from strategic tasks, which hampers innovation and long-term goals. 

Addressing these issues will enhance visibility, bolster your tenant’s security, and ensure that people can work more productively within it. 

It’s essential to recognize that a well-thought-out governance strategy is the key to preventing these issues from arising in the first place. Explore our IT Governance Toolbox to dive deeper into crafting an effective governance plan. With the right strategy, you’ll be better equipped to maintain a tidy and secure digital workspace. 

ShareGate’s Monthly Governance Digest

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One indispensable tool in our arsenal to help with your cleanup is the Monthly Governance Digest, which summarizes your tenant’s activity, flags potential issues, and suggests actionable solutions. Let’s give it a look. 

What is it? 

The Monthly Governance Digest is your trusted guide to the activity within your tenant. It’s like having a bird’s-eye view of all the happenings, giving you the power to take action immediately. You can choose to receive this overview by email or our Teams app. Noice.

What does it help with? 

This indispensable tool significantly boosts visibility by comprehensively summarizing your tenant’s activity. It lets you easily spot trends, track user behavior, and identify potential issues. With this knowledge, you can be proactive, taking swift and informed actions to maintain a well-organized and secure environment rather than merely reacting to problems. 

Additionally, it’s a powerful tool for engaging with your users. By understanding their activities and potential pain points, you can provide targeted support and foster a more collaborative and efficient digital workspace. 

What’s new about it?

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The Monthly Governance Digest provides valuable insights into the initiation phase of various activities, allowing you to address any ongoing issues promptly and proactively oversee your tenant at any project stage.  

For example, you can easily monitor any teams established within the last 30 days across your tenant. This lets you quickly identify whether they align with your established governance guidelines. If they deviate from these standards, you can reach out to the owners to facilitate prompt rectification or removal. This helps to control sprawl and ensures that end users do not waste their efforts on non-compliant workspaces, thus optimizing productivity. 

We’ve also incorporated data about using our provisioning templates to create teams, bringing everything full circle. This enhancement helps you react to immediate concerns and ensures you’re well-equipped to proactively shape your tenant’s environment for better efficiency and control. 

RECAP: By understanding the origins of trends or challenges, you can implement preventive measures, ultimately ensuring a smoother and more controlled tenant environment. It’s no wonder we’re so proud of the Monthly Governance Digest!

Other reporting features in ShareGate

ShareGate loves a good report. And so will you when you get the most out of your subscription and utilize these wonderful features.

  • Insightful Dashboard and Activity Log

Your ShareGate provides valuable insights for effective tenant management. Try exploring the Dashboard and the Activity Log to stay on top of user actions and workspace creation. 

The Dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of workspaces, while the Activity Log tracks user actions for their teams and communication sites. Easily apply filters to both sources; you can even download the data into a CSV file for the latter. These tools empower you with the information you need to manage your digital workspace effectively.

  •  Automated reports (No PowerShell required)

Simplify your reporting process with ShareGate’s automation capabilities. Say au revoir to complex PowerShell scripts—our user-friendly interface allows you to generate reports automatically, ensuring you stay up-to-date effortlessly. 

  • Centralized and actionable reports

Access all your essential reports in one central location through ShareGate’s unified Dashboard. This isn’t just about data access; it’s about taking swift actions that keep you in control. 

With our centralized reporting, you can tackle various tasks, whether assigning an owner to an orphaned team or team site, cleaning up inactive teams, or deleting communication sites. These insights are at your fingertips, displayed as filter tiles on the Manage page. No more hunting through scattered data—our reporting simplifies decision-making and proactively empowers you to manage your digital workspace. 

  • Well done, your fridge smells of bleach

At this stage, you’re more than well-equipped to tackle the mess of an ungoverned tenant and keep it looking fabulous all year round. But the learning doesn’t end there: I highly recommend this guide on reporting on your Microsoft 365 tenant with ShareGate

And if you didn’t know, our gurus here at ShareGate have created an incredible e-book that delves into the nitty gritty of reporting. And hey—no pressure. Save this for when you have a moment to really digest everything. 

ShareGate: turning chaos into order, one click at a time!  

Governance is the go-there-do-that guide that helps keep things in check while you’re away sipping your wish-you-were-here cocktails and enjoying a banana boat ride (not a euphemism). But here’s where ShareGate steps in to make that process not just efficient but effortless. 

With ShareGate on your side, you can harness the power of governance to its fullest. Our Monthly Governance Digest offers a comprehensive overview of your tenant’s activity, providing you with valuable insights and proactive measures to maintain a well-organized digital workspace. 

Now, there’s no excuse for a green and fluffy tenant. 

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Hey! Lee here. If you found this blog post helpful or have thoughts about ShareGate’s Monthly Governance Digest, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to share your insights, questions, or suggestions on the Product Board. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us continue to improve and cater to your specific needs. So leave a comment—even if it’s a simple hello. 

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