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A File Share Inventory for Smart SharePoint Migrations

WRITTEN BY Benjamin Niaulin
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Assessing the effort required for your migration is just as important, if not more, than the actual move itself. Highly requested, we decided to deliver a way for you to get an idea of how complicated a migration to SharePoint or Office 365 could be.

In this first iteration, the new Sharegate Inventory will help you connect to File Shares without having any destination set up, and get an estimate on the migration time as well as a summary of all errors and warnings you would potentially encounter. A brilliant way to see if you're ready for a migration, who knows, it might be less complicated than you thought.

Inventory and Assessment of Your File Shares for Migration

Select your mapped network drives, or specific folders and choose what migration scenario you’d like to evaluate in just a few clicks. As always, Sharegate’s wonderful user experience will guide you through the steps.

Be Smart about Migrating your File Shares to SharePoint - Sharegate’s File Share Inventory

You’ll have the choice to select as many files and folders available on your computer mapped to network drives. There, you’ll also be able to choose your intended destination as each one has different limits and boundaries for us to analyze for you.

Speed up your SharePoint Migration process with a detailed File Share Inventory

Once you're ready, simply click on Run Inventory and have a summary in seconds of the effort required for your migration project.

Inventory your File Shares before migrating them to SharePoint

As you can see in the example above, though I have over 400 errors, I can quickly see that it actually only represents 0.09 of my 15.04GB to be migrated. Glancing to the right, Sharegate estimates this will take around 2 hours and 33 minutes using our Insane Mode. Pretty Cool!

The Inventory summary then lists the type of errors and warnings you may encounter.

List of errors and warning:

  1. File or folder path too long

    Can appear as both a warning or an error. Error if we already can see it'll be too long and a warning if you're getting dangerously close as we don't yet know your destination URL.

  2. More than 5,000 files inside a single folder

    Obviously not an error, but we felt it important to warn you since SharePoint does have a 5,000 view threshold you can encounter.

  3. File extensions blocked

    Depending on the intended destination, the list of blocked file types may be different and we'll let you know for you.

  4. File size too big for SharePoint

    Though Microsoft is working to increase the value for maximum file size in SharePoint, we’ll let you know if it’s over the current limit.

  5. Missing permissions on some files or folders

    Tells you if you're missing any permissions on the source files or folders to migrate successfully.

*In an upcoming release, we'll add a show details options to get more insights on these errors and add new sources to do your inventory from.

The Sharegate Inventory to Prepare Your Migration Is for Everyone

You don’t need to purchase Sharegate to use the inventory, the idea is for you to be able to get an idea how big the effort could be as well as how long it could take.

If a SharePoint migration, or a move to Office 365 or OneDrive for Business, are in your plans for the future, you'll get a much clearer and more actionable view of all the details involved with Sharegate

Check it out today, download Sharegate and let us know how you like this new Inventory and what you’d like to see in the future.

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