Reduce the risks of your SharePoint migration with the pre-migration checkup

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Today, we announce yet another awesome release of our Sharegate tool for SharePoint. We’ve added your most requested SharePoint Migration features along with some other improvements.

New features to enhance SharePoint Migration:

  • Run a pre-migration check on your SharePoint environments
  • PowerShell import now supports excel


  • Excel export is now up to 10 times faster
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Pro Hint: we’ve also released security-related features.

Run a pre-migration check

When you are copying large legacy SharePoint environments, you’ll most likely encounter a number of issues related to broken/ obsolete items in those environments. The pre-migration check helps you detect possible copy problems as well as adopt some of the best practices to ensure your copy with Sharegate will be as smooth as possible.

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It’s very frustrating to find out about these issues during the migration. Depending on the error, it can prevent other items from copying correctly. Then you’ll have to pass through the whole migration report to find out which items you have to correct before you retry.

With the pre-migration check, Sharegate is now able to detect most of the upcoming migration problems and help you fix them before running your real migration. It’s very important to note that this feature is read-only. No modifications are performed on your environments while the pre-migration check is running.

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SharePoint Migration tool diagnostic

We also made sure to create a specific help article for each error detected with the pre-migration check. This will help you understand and fix the problem. You can access this help by clicking the “how to solve” link in the application.

SharePoint Migration tool diagnostic

Import your document’s metadata in PowerShell using Excel

Use the power of Excel to provision your document’s metadata while copying documents with Sharegate’s PowerShell module. You can either generate a brand new excel file following Sharegate standards or  provision one using the Excel export feature in the Sharegate graphical user interface and then modify it.

SharePoint Migration tool diagnostic
SharePoint Migration tool diagnostic
SharePoint Migration tool diagnostic
SharePoint Migration tool diagnostic

That’s it for today folks, it’s now time to try it for yourself!

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