Remap content types and silent mode SharePoint migration

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We’ve come a long way since we first released Sharegate – and it’s all thanks to your suggestions and input. By taking your opinions and needs into account, we’ve succeeded in building in increasingly powerful tool, that simplifies your every day SharePoint management tasks. Let’s take a look at a handful of upgrades we’ve made in the past.

Remapping Content Types during a SharePoint Migration

This feature took the same usability as the property mapper, but is specifically meant for content types. It allows users to remap their content types. This is really useful when the source and destination content types are different, or even if you want to force a content type to be converted to another one. This content type mapper, mixed with the property mapper, enables advanced scenarios for reorganizing your content during a migration.

Remap Content Types Ribbon menu

Remap Content Types

SharePoint Migration in Silent Mode

Until this feature was introduced, Sharegate would prompt for user input each time a warning or error occurred during the migration process. This was practical for migrating just a few documents or items, but it was a pain if a user wanted to run an uninterrupted migration process, while simultaneously doing something else. We provided 2 modes with this new feature:

1) Interactive mode: user is prompted each time a warning or an error occurred during an operation.

2) Silent mode: user is never prompted when a warning or an error occurred. A summary report is displayed at the end of the operation.

Silent mode prompt

Silent mode settings

SharePoint Session Logs

Logging was fully integrated into the copy process. This feature allows users to visualize the logs of any copy session. A new button was added to the Ribbon menu, in the home section.

Session Logs Ribbon Menu

Copy session logs

Properties Outside SharePoint Content Types

Lists and libraries in SharePoint use content types to encapsulate different categories of information. Properties are usually part of one or many content types, but sometimes they are not part of any content types. Sharegate now fully supports these properties. We added a section in the property template named ‘Other properties’, in the left panel. By default, these properties are ignored (option ‘Ignore’).

Metadata properties outside content types

Default Value When Source Value is Missing

This feature was incredibly powerful. As a new option in the property template, it allowed users to specify a field value that would only be used if the source value was missing. For example, you could specify a default title for your documents that would only be used when the source title is missing. This way, you get rid of many errors due to required fields that are empty at the source.

Property template default value option

Ignore Option for a Column in the Property Template

A property template allows users to configure each column for all content types. The ‘Ignore’ option was made available for this feature, which tells Sharegate that you want to completely ignore the column, and that you want to let SharePoint process the column. Sharegate will save all your metadata to SharePoint, except for the ignored columns.

Property template ignore option

Calendar Recurrence Column

We made it possible to maintain the recurrence value when migrating a calendar.

Calendar Reccurrence column

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