11 podcasts that will help you manage your Office 365/Microsoft 365 environment like a pro

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Familiarizing yourself with the latest product updates and best practices is key to optimizing your Microsoft 365 experience. We’ve created this roundup of our favourite industry podcasts to keep you up to speed while on the go.

In the world of Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) the only constant is change. New products and additional features are great, but only if you know about them.

In order to maintain the functionality and security of your environment, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping up to date. Easier said than done, though. Sifting through the latest documentation to find the information you need can be a full-time job in itself.

Podcasts hosted by industry experts and MVPs offer a wealth of information for Microsoft 365 users and IT pros alike, compiled into easily digestible episodes. Tune in to get the inside scoop on the latest product updates and best practices and to brush up on your Microsoft 365 knowledge anywhere, any time.

Whether you want to build the modern SharePoint interface of your dreams, learn how to harness the power of the cloud, or master governance of your Teams environment, there’s a podcast for that! Below we’ve lined up some of our favorites to help you get the most out of your Microsoft 365 experience.

Top Office 365/Microsoft 365 podcasts for IT admins

We know how important it is for IT admins in particular to keep up with the latest in the world of Microsoft 365. These podcasts cover the full range of tools and capabilities to help IT admins master their environment.

Microsoft Cloud Show (@mscloudshow)  

Microsoft MVPs Andrew Connell (@andrewconnell) and Chris Johnson (@c_f_johnson) invite listeners to join them on a weekly journey deep into the realm of cloud computing. Andrew and Chris’s jovial on-air relationship will set you at ease as they demystify the cloud, cutting through the clutter to tackle the day-to-day issues plaguing IT admins.  

SharePoint Maven  (@gregoryzelfond

As a SharePoint consultant, trainer, speaker, and blogger, Greg Zelfond is the  guy to guide you through your SharePoint implementation process and to help you optimize the performance of your organization. Through his weekly podcast, Greg shares nuggets of wisdom gleaned through more than a decade of hands-on industry experience.  While he’ll be the first to admit that SharePoint is a complicated system, he also sees it as an indispensable tool to help manage documents, ease collaboration, and develop team sites for project management.  

UC Today  (@uctodaynews)

UC Today is a UK-based B2B news publication with a focus on communications and customer experience. Founded in 2017 by Rob Scott (@robscott_uc), an industry leader with more than 20 years of experience, and Microsoft MVP Tom Arbuthnot (@tomarbuthnot), the podcast aims to bring its audience the latest Microsoft Teams news from around the world. In an industry that is constantly evolving, Rob and Tom always seem to be one step ahead.

Top podcasts for Office 365/Microsoft 365 developers

If you’re a developer, new tools or changes to existing programs can have a direct impact on the way you work. The following podcasts have been created by developers, for developers, offering news and in-depth knowledge that goes beyond the scope of the average user.

Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast (@m365devpodcast)

Paul Schaeflein (@paulschaeflein), Technical Architect at AddIn365, and Jeremy Thake (@jthake), Principal Program Manager Lead and owner of the Developer Experience on Microsoft Graph take a deep dive into the world of Microsoft 365 with a rotating cast of fellow industry experts, dissecting complex topics like distributed systems programming and managing cloud infrastructure through casual conversation.

MS Dev Show (@msdevshow)

Whether they’re discussing Azure AD entitlement, or the impact of Microsoft Lists, you can count on hosts Jason Young (@ytechie) and Carl Schweitzer (@carlschweitzer) to break it down in a way that is informative while still managing to make it entertaining. This podcasts is geared towards developers, although non-techies can also tune in to hear the latest news and product updates straight from the source.

365 Days of Cloud (@365days_cloud)

This podcast may be new on the scene, but it’s already making waves. Hosts Mark Powney (@mpowney) and Rabia Williams (@williamsrabia) are experienced developers who guide their listeners through the ins and outs of the Microsoft ecosystem, including component framework and intranet custom development, offering helpful tips along the way.

Top Office 365/Micosoft 365 podcasts for non-techies

You don’t have to be a technomaniac to appreciate the role that tech plays in our day-to-day lives. Whether you need to brush up on your knowledge for work, or just want to hold your own around the water cooler, these podcasts will help get you up to speed on the latest advancements in the industry without getting too bogged down in the details.

Techsplaining (@techsplaining)

Hosted by Microsoft MVPs Brett Lonsdale (@brettlonsdale), Mark Rackley (@mrackley), Stephanie Donahue (@stephkdonahue), and Rob Foster (@lespaulrob), this podcast is chock full of valuable insights and infused with plenty of humour. Techsplaining explores the world of tech while aiming to make it accessible to the masses. They target tech from various angles, exploring issues from the perspective of an enterprise corporation, an Independent Software Vendor, and a consulting organization for SMBs.

O365Eh! (@InsideOffice365)

The foursome made up of Habib Mankal (@HabibMankal), Michael LaMontagne (@RealTimeUC), Curtis Johnstone, and Dino Caputo (@dinocaputo) brings a little Canadian flair to the world of Microsoft 365. They manage to strike a great balance, demonstrating their authority as MVPs and providing valuable industry insights while keeping it light—think a casual chat between friends who just happen to be industry experts. The podcast is accessible and allows users to understand the real-world applicability of the topic at hand.

Office 365 Distilled (@O365Distilled)

Born out of a bona fide love of tech and whiskey, hosts Marijn Somers (@marijnsomers) and Steve Dalby (@seisteve) offer a different perspective on the Microsoft 365 suite, with plenty of humour infused throughout. Listeners are invited to imbibe in more ways than one—gleaning valuable industry knowledge from experienced Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint consultants, with the appropriate whiskey pairings to boot.

Top podcasts for coverage of Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft’s annual gathering of developers and IT pros from around the world presents the perfect opportunity to learn about upcoming product launches and do some deep dives into Microsoft’s existing products and services. With the last two conferences being held virtually, tuning in to a podcast is a great way to catch all the highlights.

All About 365 With Jay and Steve (@AllAbout365)

Hosts Steve Goodman (@stevegoodman) and Jason Wynn (@jaywynn) offer stellar coverage of the conference, providing listeners with insights from Microsoft MVPs and staff, as well as other industry veterans.

Microsoft Cloud IT Pro (@msclouditpro)

Ignite is typically where Microsoft unveils upcoming products and feature updates, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting your info from a reliable source—namely, the guys at Microsoft Cloud IT Pro. Hosts Scott Hoag (@ciphertxt) and Ben Stegink (@benstegink) are privy to some insider info that allows them to unveil new features and updates before they are officially announced. Through their aptly titled “Ignouncements” episode, Scott and Ben discuss the most exciting news being unveiled at the conference, and what it means for IT pros and end users.

Staying on top of the ever-evolving world of Microsoft 365 is no small feat. With new features and products regularly being added to Microsoft’s suite, it’s nice to have a list of the resources that you can rely on. Podcasts are a convenient (and entertaining) way to stay in the know without having to hunt down the latest articles and documentation.

Whether you’re an old pro or just getting acquainted with the industry, the podcasts mentioned above can help you keep your environment in tip-top shape and make sure you’re getting the most out of your Microsoft 365 experience.

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