ShareGate product update: July 2022

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If you’re looking for what’s new and what’s changed in ShareGate, you’re in the right place. Here’s your July 2022 update. 

Welcome to ChangeLog, our monthly series where members of the ShareGate Product Marketing team recap recent and upcoming updates to help you make the most out of your ShareGate software.

What’s new

In this July edition, you’ll find out how you can ask owners to assign a purpose tag independently from a sensitivity tag and vice versa. We’ll also go over what’s up next at ShareGate, as discussed with Benjamin Niaulin, Head of Product and Microsoft MVP, and Antoine Bousquet, Senior Product Owner, at a webinar hosted earlier this month.

Let owners separately assign a purpose and a sensitivity tag

You can now automate the purpose and sensitivity tag policies separately. This means if you only want ShareGate’s chatbot to poke users to assign a purpose tag to their team or group and not a sensitivity tag, simply automate the purpose tag policy from the Policies tab in the Teams management module. Gone are the days when owners were automatically poked for both policies!

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Not sure what we’re talking about? ShareGate’s Teams management module allows you to better categorize your teams and groups by their purpose or sensitivity. This gives you visibility into why users are creating new resources—is it mostly for external projects or social events? And how sensitive the information shared with those teams and groups is, so that you can set the proper security settings from the get-go to avoid people accessing things they shouldn’t. You want to make sure that highly confidential teams have stricter security settings than those who are general.

You can manually apply either or both tags to each team and group, but realistically speaking, most IT admins don’t know which tag(s) to apply. So best leave it to those who know: the owners! Since they created these resources, they should know which tag(s) are right.

We understand that you might not always want users to apply a sensitivity tag, especially if you’re already using Microsoft’s sensitivity labels (read about the difference between the two). With this latest update, you can independently automate the purpose tag policy from the sensitivity tag policy and vice versa, so you can get the exact information needed from users.  

Check out our documentation on how you can get started with purpose tags and sensitivity tags.

Coming soon

Earlier this month, we hosted the summer edition of our What’s up ShareGate webinar, where we sat down with the Product team to go over what we’ve launched thus far in 2022 and what exciting features the team’s working to deliver by the end of the year.  

Benjamin Niaulin shared his vision for ShareGate as the go-to Microsoft 365 management solution for your big migrations and everyday Teams and SharePoint operations. There’s no doubt that what’s next on the roadmap will allow you to accomplish more while saving you time and allowing you to better collaborate with different stakeholders, including end users. All while keeping your tenant and resources secure and organized. 

Our upcoming cloud copy, provisioning, reporting, and migration capabilities are the first steps to making this vision a reality. Interested in learning more? Read the recap blog here or watch the webinar on-demand.

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Watch the webinar on-demand

Other changes and improvements

Here are some other notable improvements and bug fixes for June. Check out the release notes in our ShareGate support documentation for the full list:

  • Migration tool:
    • [Patch 17.1.3]: We no longer reply on file size when copying Microsoft 365 sources to avoid copied files getting corrupted at destination if there’s missing data.
    • [Patch 17.1.2]: If you had a recent copy session started with browser authentication and the authentication cookie expired, you won’t be getting multiple browser authentication popups anymore.
  • Teams management module:
    • You are no longer blocked from manually triggering Ask owner(s) notifications when one or more groups/teams you’ve selected are already awaiting an answer from their owner(s). That applies to all policies. Read release notes here.

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