ShareGate product update: March 2022

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What’s new in ShareGate? Delve into the ChangeLog’s March edition to learn about its latest features.

Welcome to another ChangeLog, our monthly series where the ShareGate Product Marketing team recaps what’s new with your ShareGate tools to help you make the most out of your subscription.

What’s new

In March, we released the migration tool 16.1, allowing you to cherry-pick the specific Teams objects you want to copy over to new or existing teams.

We also introduced new governance alerts in the Teams management module so that you’re always in the know about what goes on in your tenant, and simplified our External sharing review policy, so that you can easily automate it for all existing and new teams and groups.

Lastly, we’ve made minor changes to the Teams management’s user interface, allowing for a smoother navigation experience.

Copy only what you need when migrating Teams 

With ShareGate’s migration tool 16.1, you’re given the level of granularity you need to satisfy your users’ different needs. Whether you’ve received a direct request from an end-user to migrate specific Teams tabs or need to restructure a whole Teams environment following a merger and acquisition, no two Teams migrations are the same.

For example, some users might only use their team’s Files tab and are interested in only migrating those over to a new team. With the updated migration tool, you can do that in a click!

Once you’ve selected your destination, simply choose Tabs from the Teams copy options. This makes it quicker for you and your users to get exactly what you need, where you need it without any manual adjustments.

Screen Shot 2022 03 14 At 1.06.48 Pm

In addition to being able to cherry-pick the exact items you want, when copying over a private channel over to a private team, you can choose whether or not to automatically add the channel members to the private team. For security purposes, you might never want to automatically add them, and leave it up to the team owner to review that. It’s up to you!

Screen Shot 2022 03 30 At 1.40.21 Pm

Check out our documentation for more information.

Automatic governance alerts for specific events taking place in Teams

As you’re aware, IT admins in charge of administering Teams are often a team of one. This makes keeping things organized and secure a challenge. That’s why we’ve introduced governance alerts for specific events taking place in Teams via our Teams chatbot.

Available in our Teams management module, these alerts provide you with knowledge of specific events taking place in your tenant. In your chosen frequency, our chatbot informs you of the number of:

  1. Newly created teams 
  2. Deleted teams 
  3. Inactive teams 
  4. Orphaned teams 

No more pulling reports or writing scripts, get all this readily available information right within Teams. All that’s left for you to do is take the appropriate actions whether it’s to reduce sprawl, secure company data or adjust your governance policies accordingly. And if you don’t want to get notified on all four events, simply toggle off the ones you don’t need.

Screen Shot 2022 03 30 At 1.46.53 Pm 2
Select the governance alerts you want to toggle on, and change the frequency of alerts by clicking on the right-hand side pencil

Check out our documentation for more information on automatic governance alerts.

Automate external sharing reviews for all teams and groups

Fresh out of the oven is the first of a two-part initiative that’ll streamline the process of asking team owners to review their externally shared links and guests, also known as our external sharing policy.  

A crucial part of our permissions management capability, this policy allows you to automate the review of links that were shared externally, and the presence of guests by those who know best, the respective team owners! No need for you to manually contact owners to delete links or to verify which guests should or shouldn’t have their access revoked (unless you want to!).  

From now on, once you toggle on the policy, all new and existing teams with external links and/or guests will automatically be added to all future review campaigns. This means that, without a doubt, team owners will get notified to review their external shares at the frequency you’ve set.

It is up to you to choose whether this communication should be sent via ShareGate’s chatbot or via email. You can also customize the frequency of review based on the team’s sensitivity tag so that confidential teams are reviewed more frequently.

Screen Shot 2022 03 29 At 2.26.15 Pm
Toggle on Automate external sharing reviews and all teams and groups in your environment will be included in the review.

Please note that if you had previously activated the policy, you’d need to toggle it on again for reviews to start.

Other changes and improvements

Here are some other notable improvements and bug fixes for March. Check out the release notes in our ShareGate support documentation for the full list:

  • ShareGate Home:
    • You can easily invite users within your organization to create a ShareGate account so that they also have access to ShareGateHome. Find more information here.
  • Migration tool:
    • [Patch 16.1.1] We increased the visibility of selected items in the migration tool to prevent your selections from being invisible on some screens.
  • Teams management module:
    • The menu placement and structure have been updated to align with ShareGate Home and the migration tool.
    • The General tab under Settings is now Communication & Storage.
    • For more information, please refer to the release notes.

Coming soon

Our product team is going full steam ahead with more new features and improvements based on our users’ needs and requests. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up next on the product roadmap! 

Migrate the Planner plans you want, where you need them

The standalone Microsoft Planner migration capability adds more flexibility and allows you to plan your migration projects to best fit your needs. Ever since we’ve adopted the model of distributed work, Planner has been an essential part of helping users organize their work and tasks efficiently. It’s also become an integral part of migration projects.

As we want to make sure you can migrate exactly what you want, right where you need it, you’ll soon be able to migrate Planner plans across groups and teams.

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