ShareGate product update: January 2022

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Looking for the latest on your ShareGate apps? We’ve got you covered with our January 2022 update.

Welcome to another product ChangeLog, our monthly series where the ShareGate Product Marketing team recaps recent updates and changes to help you make the most out of your ShareGate software.

What’s new

In this January edition, you’ll find the specs on ShareGate’s new dashboards for purpose and sensitivity tags, the latest on the monthly governance digest, and the details of our upcoming webinar featuring ShareGate’s Head of Product and Microsoft MVP Benjamin Niaulin on the exciting new ShareGate experience.

Learn why owners create teams through time with ShareGate’s new purpose dashboard

We know you love dashboards, and so do we! That’s why we started the new year with a third dashboard dedicated to the purpose tag feature (found under the Dashboard tab).

Just a quick recap, the purpose tag feature helps you understand why users create teams, how they collaborate on Teams and helps you to better organize them by business purpose. You can use the pre-set purpose tags we provide, or set your own based on your organization’s needs.

You can then manually assign a purpose tag to each team or group, or simply “Ask owner(s)” so that our Microsoft Teams chatbot contacts owners directly in Teams to select the purpose that fits their team. However, we know that owners might not all respond right away, and it’s a challenge to keep track of who answered what and when. There’s no way for you to see the big picture!

With the new dashboard, you can now see how teams without a purpose tag evolve over time, making it easier to spot trends in team creation. You’ll get an overview of which purpose tags are most used and who tends to assign them – owners or admins.

Dashboard Purpose

This new addition equips you with the insight you need to evaluate whether users are creating teams for the right reasons and if the purpose tags you’ve created are fit for purpose. Adoption of such a tool by end-users is important, but you want to make sure that it’s done the right way!

Check out our documentation for more information on the Dashboard.

Find out your tenant’s sensitivity level over time with the latest sensitivity dashboard

As the proverb says, good things come in pairs! We’ve also launched our fourth dashboard, dedicated to the sensitivity tag feature, under the Dashboard tab.

The sensitivity tag feature helps you assess how much of a security risk a team poses to your business. That way, you can apply the appropriate security settings to each team from the get-go! Ensuring the right people have access to the right things has never been this easy.

When using this feature, you can opt for the pre-set sensitivity tags we provide, or set your own by customizing privacy status, external sharing, and guest access settings. Then either manually assign a sensitivity tag to each team or group, or take the easy route and ask owner(s)!

The new dashboard is a visual representation of how teams without a sensitivity tag have evolved, and who tends to assign them. Spot any trends and see which tag is used most often. This will give you a better idea and indication of your tenant’s overall level of sensitivity.

Dashboard Sensitivity

The information will allow you to reassess your sensitivity tags, and the associated security settings, making sure that your tenant’s security isn’t compromised. Keeping a close eye on how users use the tools you provide them and making necessary iterations on an ongoing basis is a yes in our books!

Check out our documentation for more information on the Dashboard.

Receive ShareGate’s monthly governance digest directly in Teams

Last year, we introduced the monthly governance digest sent directly from ShareGate to your inbox, and it’s been a hit!

Since our app automatically goes through your tenant every day to detect any issues that require your attention, it only made sense to share the most pressing ones with you directly. That way you’re always in the know and can take the necessary measures to keep your tenant safe and secure.

In true ShareGate fashion, we didn’t think it was enough just to send this valuable information straight to your inbox. We all know the struggle that is an overloaded inbox, but we still want to make sure you are ahead of any problems evolving within your tenant. That’s why you can now choose to receive your monthly governance digest directly in Teams via our chatbot.

All you need to do is choose to receive your monthly digest through our Microsoft Teams chatbot from the Settings page, and you’re all set!

For more information, please consult our documentation.

Discover a new ShareGate experience with Microsoft MVP Benjamin Niaulin

New year, new ShareGate experience! ShareGate’s roots have always been intimately tied to SharePoint, but let’s be honest, the industry is ever-changing, and SharePoint is not the same as it used to be. At ShareGate, we never stay still, which is why we’re starting the year off with a brand new experience and a new look!

We’ll be switching things up at ShareGate next month, and our very own Head of Product and Microsoft MVP Benjamin Niaulin will speak to you about this on February 22 at 11am EST. Whether you’re a ShareGate superfan, a new user, on the search for a solution to your big migration project or to manage your cluttered tenant, you won’t want to miss this!

Ben will be joined by ShareGate’s Customer Success Manager, Charles Savaria to discuss:

  • The new ShareGate experience
  • What it means for your IT projects and ongoing Microsoft operations
  • What you can expect from ShareGate in 2022

Curious? Excited? Both? Then don’t forget to save your seat!

We look forward to seeing you at the free webinar on February 22 at 11am EST we talk about the new ShareGate experience.

Other changes and improvements

Here are some other notable improvements and bug fixes for January. Check out the release notes in our ShareGate support documentation for the full list:

  • ShareGate:
    • [Patch 15.3.4]: You can now migrate document libraries that use the video content type and contain video files. Read the patch notes for more.
  • ShareGate:
    • We’ve made various improvements to the Manage page. The filter button is now below the filter tiles, and when you click on it, your options will show up as a drawer on the right hand side. That’s where you’ll also find the search bar. Read release notes for more.

Coming soon

Our Product team is currently working hard on ShareGate’s very own provisioning solution. For more information, hear it directly from Head of Product Ben Niaulin on February 22 by joining the free webinar. He’ll share more details about this exciting new feature, and you’ll have the chance to share your thoughts on what your ideal provisioning solution looks like.

“Ask the Expert” weekly drop-in sessions

Our Customer Success team has been hosting live “Ask the Expert” sessions to share their best practices with you, go over more complex use cases, and answer your most burning questions about ShareGate. It’s also the perfect opportunity to share your experience with your peers (and maybe learn a thing or two from them as well!).

Sessions covering ShareGate products take place twice a week. Join our Tuesday sessions if you’re a new customer looking for help with getting started. Or, join our Thursday sessions if you’re a longtime ShareGate client looking for help with a particular scenario or looking to learn more about new features and capabilities.

Learn more about our sessions and sign up for the next one here.

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