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8 ways to prepare your move to Yammer [Infographic]

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Recently on the Office 365 Technical Network, a place where everyone is invited to join in on Office 365 conversations and share their experiences, a YamJam was held. What is it? Well, experts from the field shared their knowledge through a series of questions that had been prepared. One of these questions was about how to prepare to move to Yammer.

This infographic is the result for that specific question and I invite you to share this to help others move to Yammer successfully.

Find the full Yammer 101 Summary from this YamJam and explore even more

8 Ways to prepare your move to Yammer

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  1. “Why use Yammer?”

    The first step is to have the answer to this question. You need to be able to explain the main benefits to people that may be more resistant.

  2. We love Yambassadors

    Make sure you have some in your organization that will start discussions as well as guide people towards Yammer. It won’t be done overnight so you need to be patient.

  3. Understand Yammer

    You need to understand how Yammer works “properly” before using it. Plan in detail the way you want your network to be constructed.

  4. Legal and Compliance

    You need to get Legal and Compliance on your side. You will appreciate it a lot.

  5. Be prepared for confused users

    Have a community manager or resource/support person that users can go see if they need help. It will make a big difference, because trust me, there are always a few confused ones.

  6. Yammer Usage Policy

    You need to have clear usage policy.

  7. One step at the time

    Get your things in order before deployment and adoption. Having everything figured out beforehand will help you.

  8. Rewards?

    You can always think of ways to reward people for using Yammer. It’s a little push that will make them want to use Yammer and learn how to do it.

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