ShareGate product update: April 2022

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What’s new in ShareGate? Delve into the ChangeLog’s April edition to learn about what we’re working on.

Welcome to another ChangeLog! This month, the ChangeLog looks a little different. We’re rounding up all the exciting new features that are planned this year for your ShareGate tools.

What’s coming up

Our Product team has been going full steam ahead following the successful launch of the new ShareGate experience. As you know, our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to empower your users to do their best work in Microsoft 365.  With that in mind, here’s a glimpse of what we’ll be releasing in the upcoming months.

Swiftly migrate Planner plans from tenant-to-tenant and report on them

Planner plans are quickly becoming an integral part of most migration projects, as they help teams better organize their tasks and foster better collaboration.  

Even though the ability to migrate Planner plans is available as part of our Teams migration feature, we’re always striving to give you more ways to simplify your day-to-day. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that you’ll soon be able to migrate Planner plans standalone. Whether you need to migrate Planner tenant-to-tenant or within the same tenant, ShareGate has you covered.  

No need to schedule for a Teams migration just to get Planner plans over anymore! Whether your users prefer creating their own plan separately from their teams and need to merge them afterwards, or only update Tasks in Teams, you can move those plans over whenever you want.  

To make sure everything goes smoothly, we’ll also be adding a new reporting capability—generate a custom-built or built-in report for tracking purposes.  

Keep your eyes peeled for it as it’ll be coming your way soon! 

Quick and easy cloud migration for Teams 

Coming soon to a ShareGate near you: the option to migrate a small number of teams to a new tenant or the same tenant in the cloud! That’s right, we’ll be venturing into the cloud for one of our upcoming migration features. Now, that doesn’t mean that our desktop migration tool that you all know and love will be moved to the cloud.  

Instead, by offering a diversified migration experience, we help simplify some of your migration tasks and ongoing projects. In this case, whenever you need to migrate a team within a single tenant, or copy it to another tenant, you’ll be able to do it directly in the cloud.

That way, you don’t need to worry about issues that might arise due to your hardware, whether it’s processing power, network speed, capacity, etc. This makes migrating ad-hoc teams a lot easier and quicker and complements our current Teams migration capability offered as part of our desktop migration tool.  

Thoughts on this? Share them with our Product team on UserVoice.

Provision Microsoft Teams with ShareGate’s signature simplicity

Last but not least, one of our most highly anticipated features of all time will be knocking at your door soon—Provisioning. As with everything else ShareGate, you can expect our provisioning solution to leverage our signature simplicity while providing exactly what is needed for end-users to create the workload they need, based on the guardrails that you’ve set up. A win-win situation if you ask us! 

ShareGate’s Teams provisioning solution will allow you to quickly create provisioning templates with the specific information fields that you want owners to fill in when they create a new team, such as assigning a minimum number of owners. Depending on the fields you choose to add to your template, the right external sharing policy and guest access could be automatically applied to newly created teams from the get-go. You’ll get to customize each template to fit organizational needs.  

Most importantly, you can also expect a streamlined experience for your end-users using those templates. There’s no point in putting all the effort into creating templates if end-users are too confused to use them! That’s why our Product team is currently crafting a solution that’s going to allow end-users to quickly and instantly create the team they need, without any hesitation, so they can start working with it ASAP.

User testers needed

Be among the first to test our provisioning solution

Interested in our upcoming provisioning solution? Want to share your input before it’s released? Our Product team is currently looking for user testers.  

All you have to do is fill this form, and a member of the Product team will be in touch. 

Want to share your thoughts, but don’t have time to be a user tester? No problem. We still want to hear your thoughts. Share your opinion on what makes the ideal provisioning solution by simply filling in this quick survey.

Webinar: Beyond migration – permissions with ShareGate

On May 11th at 11am (ET), our Customer Success team will cover everything you need to know to ensure the right people have access to the right things all while protecting sensitive data, using ShareGate.  

During the webinar, we’ll show you how you can: 

  • Visualize SharePoint access and structure in a central location with the Permissions Matrix Report. 
  • Save time updating SharePoint users and groups permissions in bulk using the Explorer. 
  • Easily manage the security settings of Microsoft Teams based on their level of sensitivity. 

Ready to go beyond migration? Sign up here 

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